Goose egg - gold thread & inserted cameo.  $75



The art of egg decorating is an ancient tradition and universal symbol of life. 

Most of these eggs  include :

Quail, chicken, goose, emu, rhea and ostrich, The design is determined based

upon its size and shape. The task of cutting, assembling and embellishing

results in precision-made works of fine craft.

An air drill is used for cutting or carving, several coats of acrylic paint are

applied as well as coats of lacquer to achieve the enamel look finish.

The painting & lacquer require about 2 hours to dry before the decoration

can be applied.


The jewelry box are padded and lined with velvet, the hinge is glued most of

the time from the inside so it doesn't interfere with the design. The egg is

mounted on its stand as the final step. The complete work though fragile, will

be a lifetime keepsake.

Some have won prizes at International shows and US festivals

Demonstrations on local and cable TV  - Many articles written on magazines

and newspapers.


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 Shipping & Handling : $ 6.99  (U S)

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